Friday, March 11, 2011

March Marketing Roundtable Focus: Social Media

Posted by Tina

Our March marketing roundtable featured Stephanie Gehman from Harrisburg International Airport, Matt Brommer from Turkey Hill Dairy, Jennifer Peterson from Wavelength Marketing, and Susie Christensen from the PA Australia Trade Office as panelists.  Each shared how their business is using social media to promote their brand as part of their marketing strategy.  Susie also spoke on the use of social media in Australia, mainly stating that facebook and twitter were the primary outlets used.   Approximately 25 people participated in this information sharing session.  Many “how-to’s” were exchanged along with ideas to improve social media strategies.  Topics that were discussed ranged from the new facebook application format to use of social media at trade shows to using social media to compliment a sales strategies.   Special thanks to our panelists for participating and HIA for hosting the roundtable!  

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