Tuesday, May 20, 2014

International Trade Conference Event Recap


Corporate and Personnel Protection in a Global Economy 


Posted by Hannah Copenheaver

On Tuesday, May 13, 2014, we held our 15th annual international trade conference at the Eden Resort and Conference Center in Lancaster, PA. The conference was focused on Safety, Security and Counterintelligence and featured experts from the FBI and local companies.

Two breakout session tracks were offered in the morning, allowing attendees to choose sessions to meet their individual needs. 

Breakout Sessions Included:
Mike Allocca from Allocca Enterprises

Cyber Security; Special Agent Michael C. Poston, FBI
Agent Poston discussed criminal invasions into laptops, personal computers, and wireless devices via hacks and bits of malicious code. Since most sensitive data is stored onto computers, companies learned how to protect their data, money, and ideas that are often stolen through cyber intrusions.

What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You: Understanding Export & Import Compliance; Mike Allocca, President, Allocca Enterprises
This session strengthened attendee’s understandings of 
Jim Budd from John S. Connor, Inc.
reasonable care, due diligence, and overall import/export 
compliance procedures. US export regulations and controls, 
including the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and ways your 
product might be licensed, was also covered.

Visitor Risk Mitigation: Hardening the Target; Special Agent L.T. Seals, Counterintelligence Specialist, FBI
Special Agent Seals discussed common elicitation techniques and protective measures to take for hosting visitors, during 
facility tours, and during long-term & joint venture scenarios.

John Maffey from M3T Corporation
Assessing Threats in Your Global Supply Chain; Jim Budd, John S. Connor, Inc.
This session provided a variety of information for companies to create their individual risk assessment plans, including mapping cargo flow, identifying business partners, conducting threat assessment, conducting vulnerability assessment, preparing an action plan, and documenting how 
risk assessments are conducted.

Establishing a Safety and Security Program; John Maffey, CPP, PSP, Business Development Manager & Angela Starner, Chief Operations Officer, M3T Corporation
Our Experts from the FBI:
Agent Seals, Agent Poston & Agent Kelly
M3T’s session took a strategic security approach to both physical and digital security. Attendees learned how to circumvent limitations through security surveys, policies and procedures. They also learned how to create a security oriented company culture so that meeting compliances such as PCI DDS, HIPPA/HITECH, STIG, NIST and FDCC best practices are integrated into the forefront of their businesses.

Economic Espionage: Internal & External Threats; Special Agent Charles Kelly, Strategic Partnership Program Coordinator, FBI
Special Agent Kelly taught that companies with competitive edges need to know that their technology, and those with access to it, might be targeted by criminals. If a company developed a process to manufacture an item at less cost than others, then that manufacturing process may be targeted too. Attendees learned how to protect their company from economic espionage and keep their programs and systems secure.

Keynote Luncheon Presentation:

Agent Kelly presenting the
Keynote Presentation
The keynote luncheon presentation Safety & Security while Traveling & Working Abroad was given by Special Agent Charles Kelly, Strategic Partnership Program Coordinator, FBI. The presentation focused on how business travelers should take measures to ensure not only the safety and security of themselves but also their business information while traveling outside the United States. The luncheon program started and ended with a networking reception within our “Bringing Resources to YOU!” exhibit area. Many took the opportunity to network with our breakout session speakers, sponsors and other attendees and visited the conference exhibitors to learn more about their products or services.

Enjoying the Luncheon Program
Exhibitors Included:
- Fulton Bank
- John S. Connor, Inc.
- MTM Linguasoft
PA’s Office of International Business Development
- Susquehanna Bank
- The Keller Law Firm, LLC
- World Trade Center Harrisburg

World Trade Center Harrisburg sends a special thank you to UPS for sponsoring the event at the silver level and Fulton International Group for sponsoring at the bronze level. In addition, thank you to MANTEC and PA’sOffice of International Business Development for partnering with us on the event.

Special Thank You to our Sponsors:

Silver Level Sponsor:


 Bronze Level Sponsor:


Partner Organizations:

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