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"Bringing the World to YOU!" Success

Posted by Tina

Our 14th annual "Bringing the World to YOU!"event was held on September 13th and the Holiday Inn in Grantville.  This is the day that we host representatives from Pennsylvania's overseas trade offices and offer regional companies the opportunity to meet one-on-one with the State's trade reps. We look forward to this event each year, even though it involves a lot of pre-event planning and post-event follow up and at times resembles speed-dating, we always enjoy this day!   Pennsylvania's trade reps are a great group of individuals and they are a lot of fun to be around with and wonderful to work with. 

Here are this year's event numbers: 
96 attendees22 overseas trade representatives43 different companies144 meetings between companies and trade representatives
This year's corporate sponsor was UPS and we thank them for their continued support.  The program was co-hosted by Pennsylvania's Center for Trade Development and additional fundi…

Yes, You Can Go Global!

Guest Blogger Kevin Smith
Principal, Global Sales Initiatives
Every business is focused on growth. This includes top and bottom lines, along with managing many details in between. In that pursuit, one of our daily challenges is finding new sources of revenue, whether it’s selling more of our current product set, developing new products or penetrating additional markets.

When we have multiple markets and customers within our reach, we can make decisions about which opportunities hit our sweet spot and which ones are less attractive, rather than feeling we must take everything that comes along in order to keep our business moving forward. This revenue generates the cash flow we need, and finances the necessary investment in the facilities, equipment and people we need to continue our growth cycle.
In the pursuit of revenue, a big step for small companies is making the decision to sell their products or services in another region of the world. If you have never sold outside the US before, t…

A Brightened Thursday Morning!

Posted by Melissa

Walking into the office this morning brought a smile to my face as beautiful flowers were sitting on my desk.  Not only was I smiling because of how pretty the flowers look, but also because these flowers represented that the work we do here at the World Trade Center of Central PA does not go unnoticed.  The flowers were from WTC member MTM Linguasoft for all the clients we have refered to them.  We just want to say "thank you" for the token of appreciation that was sent to our offices!

2012 Philadelphia Port Tour

Posted by Melissa

For the third year, we organized a tour of the Philadelphia seaport and UPS hub at the Philadelphia airport. Thanks to our enthusiastic hosts, Craig Feister and his colleagues at UPS, and Dominic O'Brien and his colleagues at the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority! Everyone again enjoyed touring and learning more about the Philly Port and UPS airport hub!  Below are some pictures from this year's tour!

Group pictures by the UPS 757:

Permanent Normal Trade Relations With Russia

Posted by Tina

The United States currently does not provide permanent normal trade relations (PNTR) to Russia, because of the Jackson-Vanik amendment to the Trade Act of 1974.  The Jackson-Vanik amendment was created during the cold war to put pressure on the Soviet Union by linking free trade to human rights, including the freedom of emigration.  Under WTO rules, every WTO member must grant all other members Permanent Normal Trade Relations, also known as Most-Favored Nation status. With Russia's upcoming accession to the WTO, the United States will not be in compliance with this rule unless Congress acts soon. As a member of the WTO, Russia will be required to decrease its tariffs and remove barriers to imports of goods and services. Russia will also be required to comply with WTO requirements regarding transparency in setting rules and IPR protection. According to US Trade Representative Kirk: "If the United States cannot apply the WTO Agreement to Russia by th…

Using Social Media at the Fancy Food Show: How We Did it…

Posted by Melissa

To promote the PA Exhibit area at the Fancy Food Show in Washington, D.C., we followed our own advice and took the before, during and after approach to utilizing social media.  Here’s how and what we did:

Before As soon as we secured our booth space, we started promoting the PA Pavilion on twitter.  Approxmately six months before the show a designated hashtag was created for the Fancy Food Show along with the hashtag for the trade association putting on the show:  #sffs12 and #NASFT. From that point on we incorporated both hashtags in all our trade show related tweets and started following the hashtag.  We tweeted the booth numbers of the PA Pavilion exhibitors and about the products and brands that would be represented in the PA Pavilion.  We also started retweeting things that would be interesting or helpful to other exhibitors, which started conversations between us and other exhibitors.  Primarily we kept promoting PA’s presence, especially the companies within the P…

Seen at the Fancy Food Show

Posted by Tina

One of the things that always amazes me at trade shows is how a huge exhibit area can be transformed from seeming chaos to a pristine exhibit area in an amazingly short time:       

     Some eye catching exhibits:
(for more pictures of exhibits, visit our trade show board on Pinterest)


 I was truly lucky to be with Melissa at this trade show, as she had an uncanny talent for recognizing and meeting celebrities throughout the show:

PA Exhibit at Fancy Food Show 2012

Posted by Melissa

The World Trade Center of Central PA in conjunction with the State of PA’s Office of International Business Development organized a PA Pavilion at the Summer Fancy Food Show in Washington DC from June 17-19, 2012.  This initiative was funded in part through a STEP grant through the U.S. Small Business Administration.

The Summer Fancy Food Show is organized by theNational Association for the Specialty Food Trade (NASFT). NASFTis the preeminent not-for-profit business trade association established in 1952 to foster trade, commerce and interest in the $70 billion specialty food industry. The NASFT is an international organization composed of domestic and foreign manufacturers, importers, distributors, brokers, retailers, restaurateurs, caterers and others in the specialty foods business. The organization has more than 2,900 current member companies throughout the U.S. and overseas.
Since 1955, the Fancy Food Shows have been North America’s largest specialty food and bevera…

The Importance of Export Compliance & Procedures

Posted by Tina
The first rule to remember is that in the United States exporting is a privilege - and the privilege to export can be revoked if a person or company is found to be in violation of export laws and regulations.    The second rule to remember is that US Customs expects the use of "reasonable care" which is based on a policy of "informed compliance".

While it is not a requirement to have an export compliance program in place, written policies and procedures are not only a good idea, they could be a mitigating factor if export violations are found.  Here is a sampling of issues that come up, but this is by no means an exhaustive list:
Denied Party Screenings - companies may not realize that they are required to screen their customer at time of quoting and again at time of shipment against the denied party lists. Dealing with entities on the denied party lists is prohibited!   Fortunately, the various US government agencies that maintain their own denied…

Tradeshow Social Media

Posted by Melissa

Even with the ease and efficiency of the Internet and technology to connect companies with new business, tradeshows are still a must-attend event.  The marketing and promotion of these tradeshows, however, is changing.   Social media is a fast, engaging way to reach your audience before, during and after your show.  Social media has become another tool to utilize in conjunction with traditional media to attract more traffic to your booth. Many tradeshow organizers have recognized the use of social media and have developed activities around it during the show.  Many have developed hashtags for tradeshows on twitter (or one has been organically already created).  Anyone posting in this hashtag will be searchable via this “term” and allowing more people to connect with your company.  Additionally, many organizers have developed “tweet-ups” for participants who engage in twitter and want to meet others at the show who do as well.  Furthermore, some organizers even offer se…

Pennsylvania's Free Export Assistance Services

Posted by Tina

Did you know that the State of Pennsylvania has the most comprehensive export assistance program of any state?  And that their services are offered mostly at no cost to companies in the Commonwealth?
We are very fortunate to be located in a State that is so forward thinking and committed to supporting PA companies with their global development efforts.  Here is a brief overview of the available resources through Pennsylvania's Center for Trade Development:
Free Export Assistance Services:  The State has partnered with 10 existing trade services providers located across the Commonwealth and provides funding to these organization so that they can offer free export assistance.  These services include market research, technical trade assistance and referrals to public and private trade facilitators.  The World Trade Center of Central Pennsylvania is the State's regional partner for an 8 county region in Southcentral PA. Overseas Trade Offices:  Pennsylvania has a networ…