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NASBITE Conference

Posted by Melissa

On April 18-20, 2012 I attended the 25th Annual North American Small Business International Trade Educators (NASBITE) Conference in Portland, Oregon. The days were packed with numerous breakout sessions, ranging from China and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and Currency Exchange Issues to Opportunities in Colombia. The keynote sessions included Lessons Learned in Brazil, TSA Update, and and ITA Presentation on Small Business Exporting.

I was also able to visit the World Trade Center of Portland, which is mainly a conference center, but  it is always great to be able to visit a sister WTC!  I am  looking forward to applying the knowledge I gained to better assist our clients and members.

A Day in the Life of a WTC Intern

Guest Blogger John Englebert

My day starts waking up early in the morning to prepare to go to class.I then head over to my college center for breakfast and immediately afterwards head over to class.The days I work at the WTC of Central Pennsylvania during the spring semester I only have one class, a one hour 9 a.m. course in mathematics.The math class I take is for my major, Actuarial Science, but I also major in Economics which is why I came in contact with the WTC of Central PA office.After the class is over I head out to my car in the student parking lot on campus and set off towards York.My college, Lebanon Valley College, is located in Annville so driving to work is 45 miles and takes about an hour.I typically arrive between 11 a.m. and 11:20 a.m. depending on the traffic and how earlier I am able to exit class. My workday at the World Trade Center of Central Pennsylvania varies day to day.Some days I work only four hours, other days it is around six.How long I work usually depends…

Climbing High for Global Expansion

Posted by Tina

“It really is a fantastic story of support from the World Trade Center of Central Pennsylvania and the State’s International Office” says Richard Wurzbach, President of York Laboratories. York Laboratories developed a grease sampling device and analysis instrument, which requires as little as 1 gram of grease, making it especially useful for sampling used grease from inservice equipment. Their international expansion story started with a small market access grant which supported their attendance at the NORIA Lean, Reliable and Lube Conference in Columbus, Ohio back in 2009! At this event, a participant from Belgium initiated discussions regarding the most competent lab outside of the US for grease analysis, Oelcheck, located in Germany. When Oelcheck held their inaugural lubrication conference in February 2011, Richard Wurzbach was invited to be a presenter for a session on grease analysis. With the help of another market access grant, Rich traveled to the conference in…

Annual International Trade Conference

On April 3, 2012 we hosted our Annual International Trade Conference in Harrisburg. This year’s theme was “Navigating the Chinese Market”.The conference started with two morning breakout sessions with two choices for each session. Topics for the breakout sessions included Effective Payment Mechanisms, Understanding the Chinese Culture & Useful Expressions, Identifying & Qualifying Chinese Partners, and Effective Negotiation Tactics.The luncheon keynote presentation featured two local companies discussing their experiences in China. F. Rusty Elsner from Elsner Engineering Works and Pam Demarestfrom Fleetwood Fixtures shared their successes and challenges in the Chinese market along with tips and knowledge they have acquired on how to navigate this difficult market. As every year, the conference also had an exhibition area, Bringing Resources to YOU!, showcasing resources and services to support company’s international expansion.

Additionally, in conjunction with this year’s conf…