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The Impact of Trade

by Tina Weyant

Have you ever wondered how much is really exported from the southcentral PA region?  Actually, it is quite a lot - over $14.4 billion worth of products and services were exported from the 8 counties in our region during 2012!

With the help of our interns, we were able to pull together county level data for both, exports of goods and exports of services, from a recent study by the Brooking's Institute called  "Export Nation 2013".

The report focuses in detail on the impact of exports for our region's eight counties:

-  Adams
-  Berks
-  Cumberland
-  Dauphin
-  Franklin
-  Lancaster
-  Lebanon
-  York

In 2012, our region exported over $14.4 billion dollars, specifically $11,442,120,000 in total manufactured goods and $3,002,470,000 in total services.
These exports accounted for 20.8% of total PA exports in 2012.
Southcentral PA experienced 54.92% export growth from 2003 to 2012, which is the greatest percentage increase when compared to other regions in the state.