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WTC’s Inaugural State of the Ports Address

Posted by Shung Li Tan, Intern

February 23, 2015 marked the Inaugural State of the Ports Address hosted by the World Trade Center Harrisburg at the Sheraton Harrisburg Hershey Hotel in Harrisburg, PA. Numerous Pennsylvania elected officials and companies interested in learning new updates about the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority and the Harrisburg International Airport attended this event.

There were two speakers who presented at this event. The first speaker was Dominic O’Brien, the Senior Marketing Representative for the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority. During his presentation, Mr. O’Brien gave a comprehensive update on the Port of Philadelphia, where: The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority experienced its fifth year of double digit growthThe Delaware River Channel Deepening Project is 80% completeThe world’s largest producer of eucalyptus pulp relocated its business and now ships annually to PhiladelphiaMr. O’Brien also did a comparison between the Philadelphia port and t…

Action Plan: Developing an International Marketing Strategy

Posted by Brooks Whiting, Intern

Have you ever dreamed of offering your product/service abroad, but were unsure of how to make this dream a reality? The "Pennsylvania International Trade Guide" has readily available resources to help your business reach new customers and begin making global sales.  These resources include "expert tutorials" in subjects such as: 

•Export Basics

This series of videos provides expert advice and informs on best practices for companies seeking to expand abroad.  

The tutorial I found most appealing is called Developing a Marketing Plan, which can be found in the marketing section.  During my senior year in college, my international business coursework required that I research a specific product, identify an under-served market segment, and propose an international market expansion plan.  Completing this assignment taught me the complex nature of international expansion.  Looking back, I wish I would…