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Netherlands Day in Harrisburg

posted by Katrina Chan

The World Trade Center Harrisburg and Stevens & Lee/Griffin International, LLC collaborated in organizing a morning roundtable to host Ambassador Henne Schuwer, Consul General Dolph Hogewoning and his delegation from the Netherlands. The event was held on April 30, 2018, as part of a celebration of King’s Day and the proclamation of “Netherlands Day in PA”.

The Netherlands has a strong trade presence in Pennsylvania. Ambassador Schuwer and his delegation from the Netherlands came to Harrisburg to further strengthen that longstanding relationship and discuss the strong economic bond that exists between Netherlands and PA.

The day started at 10am with a business and economic roundtable discussion with local companies from Central Pennsylvania that conduct business in the Netherlands.  This was a good opportunity for companies to meet with the Dutch Ambassador and his senior staff and discuss business opportunities in the Netherlands.

Lt. Gov. Mike Stack hosted…