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Event Recap: 19th Annual International Trade Conference

posted by Katrina Chan

This year marks the WTC Harrisburg's 19th Annual International Trade Conference, held at Reading, PA. The conference theme was "Celebrating Export Excellence in Berks County!", to recognize and showcase successful local exporters from across the region.

Every year, the WTC Harrisburg holds the International Trade Conference, because we recognize the importance for local exporters to establish the right connections, have easy access to available resources, and to have a clear understanding of the current state of our economy in relation to how that affects different industries.

The event started at 8.30am, with a total of 60 attendees. The morning session, "Agony or Ecstasy", was presented by Dave Hanson of Fulton Financial Advisors who gave a lively overview of the state of our global economy and how that ties to the US economy.

The four breakout sessions that followed the morning keynote presentation were:

Effective Strategies for Global …