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Export Credit Insurance Seminar

Posted by Keith Wiley, Intern

On February 19th the World Trade Center Harrisburg hosted an Export Credit Insurance Seminar. Our speaker, John Strayhorn, President of Global Insurance Services, gave a very informative presentation.  Attendees learned an extensive amount about Export Credit Insurance and how to expand sales as well as borrowing capacity.
The following topics were covered: Introduction to Short-Term Export credit InsuranceRequirements for Short Term Credit InsuranceSingle Sale vs. Multi-Buyer (Portfolio) ApproachesPermits Expansion of Borrowing CasePrivate Sector Credit Insurance ProvidersU.S. Export Import Bank Credit Insurance PoliciesAgricultural Products How to expand your bank credit line using credit insurance
A note on the Export Import Bank of the United States: Ex-Im Bank does not compete with private sector lenders but provides export financing products that fill gaps in trade financing. They will assume credit and country ris…

Consider Cultural Differences Before Exporting Your Product

Posted by Luke Stouffer, Intern

If you believe you have a product that can be successfully exported, and you need a primer on exporting know-how, check out the "Pennsylvania International Trade Guide". This useful resource was developed by our sister organization, the WTC Philadelphia, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Office of International Business Development.  The website features a number of export tutorials that provide a great overview and practical solutions for making sales around the world. 

My personal favorite tutorial can be found in the Culture section titled “Business Travel Abroad”.  My experience of a semester abroad truly highlighted how significant variances in culture can affect relationships and communication.  The ability to adapt to these variances was the key for me to successfully navigate Europe, and is the key for you to successfully export your product.  In most countries, there is a preference to conduct business in person before concluding a t…