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Doing Business in Eurasia

By Hannah Copenheaver

On March 22, we hosted a roundtable discussion with the Mid-Atlantic Russian Business Council/Mid-Atlantic Eurasia Business Council in Harrisburg that addressed emerging business opportunities in the greater Eurasian region. 

A panel of experts discussed a variety of topics, ranging from legal, regulatory standards, and taxation, that influence the way Eurasian counties conduct business in their respective markets. 

Here is a brief overview of the speakers and their key points:

Ulf Schneider, Founder and Managing Partner, SCHNEIDER GROUP
- Eurasian Economic Union has 182.5M people, 20M sq km, and 14% of world's land. Key concepts include the free movement of goods, services, capital and people.
- Russia continues to be the largest country in the Eurasia region, with 146 million people and $1236 billion (USD) in GDP in 2015. Their GDP is ranked at #13 in the world. 
- According to the "Doing Business Report" (2016), Ukraine presents the most challenges in t…

New York Toy Fair: A Must on The Trade Show Checklist

By WTC Guest Blogger Jessica Toutsis, RoomMates Décor

Last month thousands of vendors and buyers attended the New York Toy Fair to explore thousands of toys, games and youth entertainment products within a record-breaking 415,000 net square feet of exhibit space.

Not familiar with the New York Toy Fair? Produced by the Toy Industry Association™, Inc. (TIA), Toy Fair strives to work with businesses involved in creating and producing toys of all kinds to kids both young and old. A central meeting location for those all over the world, Toy Fair sheds insight on key trends in the industry and innovative consumer products that will hit the market in the year ahead.

For one business, RoomMates Decor, Toy Fair is a great opportunity to generate partnerships with international distributors of various countries to sell peel & stick wall decals where distribution in that country does not yet exist. Also a successful sounding board for countries’ retailers to be put in touch with distributors a…

The Numbers of Trade: Why Exporting Adds Up

by: Hannah Copenheaver

This year for MANTEC's Business Growth Conference, Tina ran a breakout session called "The Numbers of Trade: Why Exporting Adds Up". In case you missed it, here is the run down of what happened during the session and why, in fact, exporting does "add up".

First, we wanted to get the room interacting. Often times, conference sessions can be a "death by PowerPoint" scenario... anyone who has ever presented is guilty of that, me included. When our attendees walked in, the first thing that they saw at their seats was a normal looking brown paper bag with a little notecard stapled on it that resembled a commercial invoice. Most were curious to know what was in the bag. Before we dove in to find out, we went around the room and had each attendee introduce themselves. This was a devised plan for the game because in order for the game to work, one must first get to know the other people in the room, ju…

Nuremberg: An Interactive Booth Is Key

By WTC Guest Blogger Jessica Toutsis, RoomMates Décor

Tradeshows require months of preparation including booth design, scheduling appointments with key customers, transporting all product and materials to the show, plus setting up the booth at the show. It is worth it, especially when you attend the world’s biggest toy fair in Germany and arrive back to tell your team “this was one of the best shows we’ve ever had.”
RoomMates Decor’s International Director of Sales, Adam Say, can certainly attest to that! RoomMates, the largest producer of Peel & Stick Decor and Wall Decals, sells to 75 countries around the world, and through Nuremberg was able to make contact with countries where distribution did not yet exist. Say, among many others at the show, connected with potential distributors, as well as licensing companies to discuss hot new products in the international markets.
“It was a great show to see the trends because all of the big toy manufacturers are there. We were also able to…

State of the Ports Address 2016

Posted by Emily Johnson, Intern

Last Thursday, we hosted our second annual State of the Ports Address. We had Dominic O’Brien from the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority and Marie Byers from the Harrisburg International Airport speak at the event.

The Philadelphia Regional Port Authority (PRPA) is located in the fifth largest metropolitan area in the United States. Something that you might not know is that the Philadelphia port is a global leader in food imports, which is due to their vast temperature controlled storage capacity. Additionally, the port has less congestion compared to other east coast ports, with a quick ship and truck turn times with multiple rail connections in the area. There are over 250 distribution centers that lie within the PRPA’s immediate hinterland. This year marks PRPA’s 6th year of consecutive growth!

The Philadelphia Port has exciting new updates to their port. They have been working on a channeling deepening project to allow for bigger ships to enter, whi…