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Intensive Export Finance Seminar Focused on Letters of Credit

Posted by Cody Richard
WTC Intern
Our “Secrets of Successful Trade Financing” two day seminar was held on Thursday March21st and Friday, March 22nd at the WTC Offices.  Attendees came from as far away as Georgia and represented vastly different industry sectors.
Richard M. “Chip” Thomas lead the discussion on behalf of the American Export Training Institute.Mr. Thomas spent 22 years in international banking, specializing in international trade and finance, which led to extensive international travel; including a 2 years assignment working and living in Mexico. During his banking career, Mr. Thomas developed a skill in training, and was responsible for International Product and Service Training for Mellon Bank’s customers and employees.Chip left the banking industry in 1995 to pursue his interests in training by helping to establish the American Export Training Institute, which provides practical training in export finance to corporations and financial institutions throughout the U.S. and…