Monday, April 11, 2011

Global Trade and PA - Latest Statistics Show Importance of Trade

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n  17.9% of all manufacturing jobs in PA depend on exports, up from 10.1% in 1992 (2008 data)
n  Export-supported jobs linked to manufacturing account for an estimated 5.1 percent of Pennsylvania's total private-sector employment
n  A total of 13,139 companies exported goods from PA locations in 2008. Of those, 11,720 (89 percent) were small and medium-sized enterprises
n  PA export shipments of merchandise totaled $34.8 billion in 2010
n  PA’s top export destinations in 2010:
        1.  Canada ($10.2 billion)
        2.  China ($2.7 billion)
        3.  Mexico ($2.4 billion)
        4. Japan ($1.7 billion)
        5. Germany ($1.4 billion)
n  In 2008, foreign-controlled companies employed 263,500 Pennsylvania workers, accounting for  5.1% of the state's total private-industry employment in 2008
n  PA is home to over 6000 foreign owned firms
n  PA’s major sources of investment in 2008:
      1.  UK
      2.  Germany
      3.  Netherlands
      4.  Canada

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