Thursday, July 14, 2011

Experiencing the Turkey Hill Experience!

Posted by Tina

We had a blast yesterday, when Jeanmarie Nobile hosted the WTC team at the brand new Turkey Hill Experience Center in Columbia, PA.  Jeanmarie handles the export sales for Turkey Hill Dairy - maybe some of you had the chance to hear her speak at our trade conference in June?  We got a first hand look at the museum, the interactive displays and the adjoining restaurant and gift store.  This is also the only place in the US, where Turkey Hill actually operates their own "dip shop", the Turkey Hill Ice Creamery.

Incidentally, the only other Turkey Hill Ice Creamery is in the Kingdom of Bahrain!!

Melissa is annihilating bad microbes
It was interesting to learn how this now major company started from a small family operation - like so many of our successful manufacturers in southcentral PA.  And since we visited on a weekday morning, it was not too crowded.

Jeanmarie and Jan

Melissa and Jan took advantage of all the interactive displays - including making your own ice-cream, your own label and your own commercial.  All of this could be shared on facebook and twitter, and Melissa took full advantage of the social medial links (of course she would :)  )

Melissa creates her own ice cream flavor

Tina instead opted to try and milk a cow - luckily it was a "fake" cow, with "pretend milk" - but still...

It was a wonderful break for all of us to enjoy a morning at the Turkey Hill Experience.  Thanks to Jeanmarie again for hosting us!

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