Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Tips to Boost Your Business with Pinterest

Posted by Hannah Copenheaver

Pinterest is gaining global attention for its visual style of creating online “pinboards”, where you can “pin” great ideas, or products,  to remember them for later. Keeping your favorite “pins” all in one place on the web allows for a more effective organization method. You can access your pinboards at any time and choose if you want to make them public or private views.

Pinterest is exceptionally fantastic for businesses in the consumer product field, but industrial companies are starting to embrace it, too! Whereas Facebook and Twitter are more about making a social networking connection, Pinterest introduces your followers to things that you find innovative, exciting and useful… Like your latest product!

How can I use Pinterest to market my company, you might ask? Here are some tips on how to make your business more successful in the social media world by using visual pinboards on Pinterest.

How to Pin & What to Pin

·         The first step is to think about how you can make your business visually stimulating by using pictures.

·         Upload new pictures, “repin” quality photos from other users onto your pinboards, and have multiple topical boards.

·         While it is good to pin the products or service you sell, it’s also a good idea to post interesting tips, pictures, quotes you like, and regional photos. Think outside the box. It’s also not a bad idea to repin products you admire from other companies.

·         Focus on other users who are in your industry or region who get many likes and repins. Follow boards and like their pins if you find a common interest.

·         Make your presence known!

Define Your Brand

·         Use key phrases on your board like “Made in the USA”, “Fashion” or “International”. Think about what people may put in the search bar and use those keywords in your text.

·         You can also use these keywords as hashtags at the end of your description. For example, “Turbo 3000, our newest product. #travel”. When someone searches for “travel”, now your pin will appear.

Using Links

·         Every time you upload your own picture onto your board, make sure you embed a link to your website. This way, when viewers click on that photo, they will automatically be taken to your site. Now they will be looking at your website too… Score!

·         If a viewer decides to repin your picture, your link will follow the picture. This creates endless opportunities for your website to be seen just though one pin.

·         Add the Pinterest button onto your website, so viewers can go to your Pinterest page with just one click.

·         Promote your Pinterest page in brochures, fliers and any other means of advertisements.

·         Use Facebook and Twitter as another way to point viewers to Pinterest by posting that you joined Pinterest and to visit your new page.

·         Ideas: Make a pinboard just for Trade Shows, Company Events, New Product Pictures, etc. and update them with current photos (with your website link included).

Pin-It Buttons

·         Add a Pin It button on your website’s products page, so viewers can pin your content to their own Pinterest page. (The pin will be linked to your website)

·         Try adding the Pin It toolbar button to your own browser. This way when you’re surfing the internet and you find something you wish to pin to a board, you can!

Observe and Comment

·         If you find something you like, don’t hesitate to comment on that pin and tell them! People like to know that something they pinned was helpful to you or inspirational.

·         If you think the pin is relevant to one of your boards, you can repin their pin.


·         Always be kind and credit your sources, avoid overly self-promoting your company, and keep your page community-based.


Be sure to check out our World Trade Center Harrisburg Pinterest page and follow our boards!

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