Monday, December 1, 2014

Doing Business In Mexico Roundtable

Posted by Alicia Roberto, Intern

On November 17th, the World Trade Center Harrisburg hosted a ‘Doing Business in Mexico’ roundtable with the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC.  Attendees were able to share their experiences, as well as gain insight from others during an open discussion regarding the challenges and opportunities of business in Mexico.  WTC members Howard Minnick, Automation Systems Interconnect, Pete O’Neill, Pennsylvania’s Office of International Business Development, and Frank Swit, Gannett Fleming, led the discussion and offered informative information and first-hand experiences. 

     The following topics were covered: 
  • Language Barriers
  • How To Find a Trusted Partner
  • Corruption
  • Working Conditions
  • Safe Traveling Practices
  • Cultural Differences

The Port of Philadelphia also provided an overview of their proposed new service.  United States exporters are demanding a better way to get their cargo to Mexico as overland trucking has proved to be costly and untimely.  For this reason, the Port of Philadelphia is developing a better option with an ocean container service.  Sean Mahoney’s presentation made it apparent that a new export steamship service from the Port of Philadelphia to Port Veracruz, Mexico could be very advantageous for this region.  It offers faster transit times, greater transportation schedule dependability, and a reduced carbon footprint.  The service is also cost efficient and provides greater cargo visibility, integrity, and security.  Thus far the port has taken numerous crucial steps to ensure this projects success.

To learn more about the planned shipping connection to Port Veracruz, contact Sean Mahoney, Director of Marketing or Dominic O’Brien, Senior Marketing Representative, by e-mail at

If you wish to view the presentation, click here

All who participated in the discussion learned something new and developed a clearer understanding of the opportunities and challenges of doing business in Mexico.

World Trade Center Harrisburg sends a special thank you to our sponsor, the Philadelphia Regional Port Authority, and to the Harrisburg Regional Chamber & CREDC for partnering with us on this program!


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